February 23 I Online Virtual Summit

Digital Marketing and Sales for Small Businesses

Online sales are increasing like never before: 36% last year and we can expect that number to grow even more from now on.

The more you know about Digital Marketing, the more your small business will thrive.

Learn what really works for you and your company from the leading marketers in the world in this unprecedented tailored event.

We gathered the best working strategies to show you through real successful cases from business owners just like you.

I’ve Helped Companies Like These Grow:

While Also Helping Many More Small and
Medium-Sized Businesses Like These:

Join this Summit and Learn Updated
Profitable & Sustainable Strategies in a Simplified Way – No Fluff, no Filler.

I’ve hand selected the world’s best Digital Marketing & Sales strategies from Small and Medium-Sized brands I’ve worked with and invited the experts to share their success stories. At this summit you’ll learn these and a ton more:
  • How DisABLEDperson’s organic traffic grew over 600%, hitting almost 300,000 organic visitors in less than 4 Months.
  • How Doc Dean Pools went from no traffic to the top of Google, with 37 successfully ranked keywords in the first 3 months.
  • How Easy On Hold increased conversions by 200% and organic traffic by 40% in just 4 months.

The Summit Will Take You Step by Step Through:

  • How to build smart, data-driven, high-conversion campaigns.
  • Email campaigns that will boost your sales this year.
  • How to apply SEO to your business and reach the top position.
  • SEO mistakes small businesses commonly make and how to avoid and fix them.
  • Local SEO for you to stay ahead of the competition.
  • And much more…
This is the best collection I’ve ever compiled of lessons and case studies for small and medium businesses.
Get a chance to have your website analyzed by me and my team.

This pass gets you instant access to 8 full lectures of actionable digital marketing strategies.

Featured Sessions

February 23

Neil Patel

Cofounder at NPD, NPA, NPBR, NPI, Crazy Egg, Hello Bar & Ubersuggest

11:00 AM PST | 11:40 AM PST

Turn Your Idea Into a Real Business. 10 Steps from Zero to Hundreds of Sales Opportunities With a Solid Digital Strategy.

Neil Patel is a Digital Marketing expert and entrepreneur recognised worldwide for helping companies succeed. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 online marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world. But it wasn’t always like this. Neil once had a small online business and was struggling financially, which is what motivated him to learn marketing and produce content. To this day, helping small businesses is what he is most passionate about.

Vignesh Kumar

VP of Email Marketing for NP Accel

11:40 AM PST | 12:20 PM PST

5 email Campaigns to Break Your Sales Record From Last Year.

Vignesh Kumar is Neil’s right-hand man when talking about sales funnel and paid advertising. He has over 13 years of experience in copywriting and is the person you want to talk to about getting results from email campaigns.

Matthew Santos

Vice President of Products & Strategy at Neil Patel Accel

12:20 PM PST | 1 PM PST

How to Crush Local SEO: Make Your Grass Look Greener Than Your Neighbour’s.

Matthew Santos is a marketing product specialist and strategist. He is the Director of Digital Strategy at Neil Patel Accel. As NPA’s head Strategist, Matthew leads the product development and product operations for the organization. With the ‘keys to the kingdom’ he’ll share the latest and greatest from the Neil Patel small and medium businesses product roadmap.

Kelsey Jones

Editor-in-Chief at Neil Patel and SEO Content Strategist

1 PM PST | 01:40 PM PST

Small Businesses Biggest SEO Mistakes and 3 Simple Rules to Fix Your Campaign.

Kelsey Jones is Editor-in-Chief at NeilPatel.com, running the content and editorial strategy for the site, which gets about 10M page views monthly. Besides working with Neil and the team at NP Digital, Kelsey was executive editor at Search Engine Journal for three years and has spoken at conferences like Pubcon and State of Search. Kelsey has worked with brands like Yelp, Salesforce, Tophatter, and more on content and marketing strategy.

Carlos Magno

Product Manager at Ubersuggest and YouTube Marketing at Neil Patel

01:40 PM PST | 02:20 PM PST

Youtube for Small Businesses. How to Leverage Videos to Drive Qualified Opportunities to Your Company.

Carlos has worked for years with YouTube Marketing & Marketing Coaching at Neil Patel. With extensive experience in using YouTube as a channel to capture opportunities and customers, Carlos has been helping to grow one of the most trustworthy and respected marketing brands on the planet since 2017.

Rafael Simões

SEO Manager at Neil Patel

02:20 PM PST | 3 PM PST

The Most Common Technical SEO Errors to Watch Out For that Could Be Severely Hurting Your Business

Rafael is an SEO specialist with over 9 years of experience. Since 2011, Rafael has been helping companies in Brazil and the world to sell more and increase their traffic using Search Engine / Experience Optimization (SEO), Conversion Optimization (CRO), Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Growth Hacking techniques.

Brooke Weller

VP of Paid Media at NPAccel

3 PM PST | 03:40 PM PST

How to Make the Most out Of Your Money on Facebook Ads

Brooke is the VP of Paid Media at NPAccel and a Digital Marketing Enthusiast with over 15 years of leadership experience in the industry. With a lengthy background in Paid Media, she has focused her energy on building her personal brand while executing on large B2B and B2C client work.

Pedro Carvalho

Digital Marketing Consultant at Neil Patel Brasil

03:40 PM PST | 04:20 PM PST

How we grew Neil Patel Brazil’s Blog Organic Traffic by almost 200% in 5 months + Optimizations You Can Use On Your Website Today.

Pedro Carvalho has been using techniques that helped drastically grow traffic and revenue for Neil Patel Brazil. He is also responsible for extraordinary results for clients in different markets.

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80% of Small Businesses Do Not Invest in Content Marketing, a KEY Marketing Opportunity.

Over 5 months we saw web traffic increase 40%, bringing an additional 13,000 users to our website this year and increasing our web conversions by 200%.
Keegan Brown
Easy On Hold

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